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Monday, April 22, 2013

Designer Spotlight : #KatherineKwei A/W 2013 Collection Preview

Designer Spotlight : #KatherineKwei A/W 2013 Collection Preview

Designer Spotlight : #KatherineKwei A/W 2013 Collection Preview by irishrose1 featuring shoulder bags

Sneak Preview Of What's To Come From KK A/W 2013 Collection.
I am So pleased to share with all of my fellow Polypals who will be coming for our Polyvore Community Meetup on June 13 - June 16 2013. It is with great pleasure to introduce to you @kathykwei one of the Designer's we will meet on this exciting weekend in NYC. So looking Forward to meeting all who are coming @elske88 @drenise @tammylo-12 @mharvey@lisamichele-cdxci @lidia-solymosi @divadebbi@shedgy

We will also be visiting the Polyvore Headquartes and Another Amazing and Talented Designer@dareenhakim
Here Is a little Bio on katherine for you to learn more about what inspires her and Her designs. Featured also in this set is a photo of katherine's grandmother holding katherine, she is responsible for where katherine is today, she was the true inspiration behind her designs.

Innovative design, exceptional quality and a deep reverence for tradition are the foundation for Katherine Kwei's design philosophy. Kwei’s grandmother, a clothier for film legend Katharine Hepburn, as well as a master at Chinese knotting, instilled in Kwei a veneration for her cultural roots and passion for working with her hands. Kwei’s fashion career began in Public Relations with Louis Vuitton, where she developed a profound appreciation for exceptional quality and design. With the 2007 launch of her own handbag line, Kwei’s designs aspire to seamlessly blend modernity with tradition by creating her own unique texture using luxury materials, while staying true to her signature Chinese “Eternity” knot-inspired weave as the main focus.

KATHERINE KWEI : “Our signature ‘Eternity’ knot-inspired weave is something that I came up with while I was studying for my Master’s degree in London. I learned Chinese knotting when I was a child with my grandmother and was very inspired at school to further develop this craft I had learned. At first, I was just playing around with paper, but then realized that I could create a repeatable pattern that looked gorgeous when I used leather strips.”
Katherine Kwei fondly remembers her grandmother, a stylist for silver screen legends Katharine Hepburn and Anthony Quinn, who taught her the craft of Chinese knotting as a child and instilled in her a deep reverence for her cultural roots and a passion for working with her hands.Trend-setter’s Like Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria and Fergie are fans of the KK Bags

KATHERINE KWEI : “Our goal has always been to design bags that are timeless yet modern and relevant…that can be passed down from mother to daughter.”

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