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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remedy for stuffy nose and chest congestion

Have you tried everything there is to relieve that horrible stuffy noise and chest congestion, and nothing is working. Here's a remedy I've used for myself and my children, It really works.

Buy a bottle of eucalyptus oil from any health food store or your local drug store.
old cotton hankies.

 A safe remedy for a goodnights sleep .

Place two drops of eucalyptus oil on an old hankie, place it inside your pillow case, you may want to use an old pillow case as not to stain your favorite ones.

Lay on the side of your pillow where you placed the hankie.

Within in know time at all you will breadth in the vapors of the oil and fall asleep.
You will wake the next morning feeling much better.
I have given this remedy to my friends and they love it.
It is safe to use on children 14mths and up.
 A safe remedy for the common stuffy nose and chest congestion.

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